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Dr. Malik’s Videos

When is surgery necessary to treat back pain?

Dr. Malik discusses when surgery is necessary to treat back pain.

Is it possible to have a definitive solution to back pain?

Dr. Malik discusses back pain solutions.

Should a computer guided robot be used for all back surgeries?

Dr. Malik explains when the Mazor Robotics Renaissance machine should be used.

How is computer guided imaging used in minimally invasive back surgery?

Dr. Malik discusses how computer guided imaging is used in minimally invasive back surgery.

Is kyphoplasty considered a minimally invasive procedure?

Dr. Malik discusses whether or not kyphoplasty is considered a minimally invasive procedure.

How does using robotic guidance affect surgical risk and recovery from back surgery?

Dr. Malik discusses how robotic guidance can decrease surgical risk and shorten recovery time.

How does the robot correlate information from a CT scan during surgery

Dr. Malik discusses how the Mazor Robotics Renaissance system correlates information from a CT scan to a patient during surgery.

Why is it important to do minimal spinal manipulation during surgery?

Dr. Malik discusses why it is important to not move the spine too much during surgery.

Laser Spine Surgery and Peer Revision

Dr. Malik discusses laser spine surgery and peer revision.

What level of activities can patients participate in 6 months after back surgery?

Dr. Malik discusses what level of recreational and athletic activity a patient may participate in six months after back surgery.

What can patients expect during and after recovery from a laminectomy and spinal fusion?

Dr. Malik discusses what patients can expect during and after a laminectomy procedure.

Dr. Malik Visits Honduras

Dr. Malik and colleagues visited Honduras. The purpose of the trip was to interact with surgeons in that country, but they also did some touring as well.